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Virtual Pipe Organ system!

A set of projects focused on harnessing the capabilities or Arduino and Raspberry Pi4

Bring the experience of autentic pipe organ sound

The pipe organ console

How it works?
A quick explanations about the various parts of a typical pipe organ console

The OpenPipe ecosystem

Virtual Pipe Organ environment

A Linux-based distro to transform your own Raspberry Pi 4 B in a Virtual Pipe Organ Workstation, with optimized sound engine and ready-to-use software.

MIDI customized controller boards

An Arduino-based MIDI controller board with custom firmware to connect and manage the whole set of MIDI OpenPipes devices

MIDI peripherals

A large set of MIDI OpenPipes devices to extend your organ console commands: buttons, knobs, pedals, pistons…

Organ consoles, pedalboard, bench

Plans and assembly instructions to build the wood organ parts

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About us

This is an initiative by Rodolfo Bonnin and an international Team, to bring beauty to the Liturgy, and glory to God, with many other people helping in the way.