What is Pipebian64?

Pipebian64 is an optimized Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit version) Linux distribution designed to unleash the full potential of your Raspberry Pi 4B and transform it in a complete and powerful Virtual Pipe Organ system.

It’s tailored to connect and support the complete range of OpenPipes hardware (MIDI controllers, buttons, volume pedal, etc.).

It’s easy to configure and manage remotely via a user-friendly network interface (VNC Viewer).

It contains:

  • an optimized sound engine (ALSA and JACK server);
  • The free and open-source Virtual Pipe Organ emulator GrandOrgue.

Install instructions

  1. Download the image using the Download button above;
  2. Write the image on a SD card (min. size 32 Gb) using an image writer tool. We suggest to use balenaEtcher (available for Windows, Linux and MacOs);
  3. Insert the SD card, connect and power on your Raspberry Pi4;
  4. In the first boot you will see a blank screen for a long time… please wait! The system will expand his size to the max size of your SD card and next it restarts;
  5. Here we are! Welcome to the Pipebian64 Virtual Pipe Organ system!

username: pipebian
password: pipebian
hostname: pipebian

A suggestion for a better sound

The built in Raspberry Pi 4 sound card is not optimal sound and latency wise (but it works).
We suggest to buy a cheap USB DAC (Digital Analogic Converter) card.
Look for “pcm2704” at your e-commerce.